The Rotary Foundation   
The Rotary Foundation - as distinct from our Jerusalem Rotary Club Foundation - is the charitable arm of Rotary International. It's main task is to support important international projects via 'Global grants' and on a smaller scale also to give support to District projects.



Rotary has restructured its grantmaking model - from centralized Match Grant to the decentralized New Grant Model that emphasizes larger, sustainable projects with built in emphasis monitoring and evaluation and corresponding stewardship.


Rotary has streamlined our humanitarian service support into six Areas of Focus:

* Peace & Conflict Resolution/Prevention  

* Maternal & Child Health;

* Disease Prevention & Treatment,

* Water & Sanitation;

* Economic & Community Development;

* Basic Education & Literacy.

Rotary International Grants
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Rotary Grants staff are available to guide you. Click on the link below and find the Rotary staff person assigned to your region (for Israel, see page 4).

The New Grant Model requires Clubs and Districts to find Rotary Club & District partners and ideally also to involve cooperating agencies. The application process has been simplified and is done via the website.


The Rotary Foundation has a matching formula that supports these grants.


There is strong staff support to guide Rotarians in the application process. There are Regional Grants Officers   covering the entire a Rotary world who are readily available to "handhold" and aide Rotarian applicants (see the top blue box on the right hand side).  


There is a "Cadre" of Rotarians specialized in each of the Areas of Focus who are also available and would be delighted to assist Rotarians wishing to apply for Global and/or District Grants.


Each Area of Focus has three specialist Rotarian Technical Coordinators and and 40-60 Technical Advisors.
     NOTE: Recruitment of technical advisors is ongoing.
Please contact the Rotary office if you are interested.


You can contact both staff and Technical Coordinators and Advisors for Grant application guidance.





Resource for preparing New Grant

Model Global & District Grants.



 Go to Facebook Group (Closed) "Rotary  Grants Guidance" and request joining.