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Wednesday 30 September 2020

Electronic meeting at 13:00

Speaker: R/ Dr. Geert Cohen Stuart

                 Theologian and Tour Guide


Topic:      "Do We Agree to Disagree?" --

                   Dealing with Rotary's Rules                    on Religion and Politics"


Wednesday 23 September 2020

Electronic meeting at 13:00

Speaker:   Mr. Alan Schreider


                   B'nai Brith World Center


Topic:       "Heroism of Jewish Rescuers
                   during the Holocaust"   

               "In recognition of New Year                        resolutions and our Rotary
                responsibilities toward others"    


Jerusalem, 13 March 2020 until now

Dear Fellow Rotarians and Friends,


Because of the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic, our regular meetings are suspended until it will be prudent to resume them.


Suspension of regular physical meetings does not mean that club activities have ceased. For now, we are meeting electronically. To participate this way, our members and others interested are required to contact us to get the necessary details for the contact Please write 

via the Contact link on this site: www.rotaryclubjerusalem.org/contact---links


Meanwhile, best wishes to all for continued good health.


Alan M. Schneider, LL.B.

Alan Schneider is Director of the B’nai B’rith World Center in Jerusalem since
1989. A native of Brooklyn NY, Mr. Schneider immigrated to Israel in 1972
and completed his secondary education at Yeshiva High School “Midrashet
Noam” in Pardes Hanna. He served in the IDF from 1977-80, followed by 15
years in a reserve combat unit. Mr. Schneider completed his law studies at
Bar Ilan University in 1984. He was a law associate at the office of O’Connor
and Hannan in Washington in 1986 and was Assistant Director of the New
York Regional Office of the
Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith from 1987-88.

Alan Schneider is the 1996 recipient of the B’nai B’rith Bisno Award for
Outstanding Professional Excellence.
He has initiated many innovative
projects in Israel and around the world:
an annual journalism award for
excellence in Diaspora reportage, an annual ceremony commemorating Jews
who rescued fellow Jews during the Holocaust, an annual survey of Israeli
attitudes towards Diaspora Jewry and cooperation with Israeli humanitarian
organizations to expand their international projects. He also initiated and coordinated B’nai B’rith’s assistance to residents of the North and South
during and following the Second Lebanon War and the Cast Lead Operation.

Alan was a member of the steering committee of the President’s Forum on the Diaspora and a member of the foreign Ministry’s Coordinating Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism. He serves as coordinator of B’nai B’rith’s
delegation to the World Zionist Organization and its representation on the Zionist Executive. Along with Prof. Gerald Steinberg he established “NGO
Monitor” and is editor of the World Center’s e-publication “Center Stage”.


Alan is also a founding member of two international Holocaust memorial projects:  “Unto Every Person There is a Name” and “The Committee to Recognize
Jews who Rescued Jews during the Holocaust” and initiated the “Jewish
Rescuers Citation”.

Alan is a founding member of “IsraAID” to many humanitarian hotspots around
the world. His articles and reports have been published frequently in B’nai
B’rith’s international magazine and
web-based publications. He has
addressed numerous international B’nai B’rith gatherings on Israel and
Diaspora-Israel relations. In 2010, he
re-established liaison with Rev Dr Petra
Heldt, Director, Ecumenical Theological Research Fraternity in Jerusalem.

He and his wife Silvia, a doctor of clinical psychology, have four children.

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23 September 2020 
Our next Bulletin will appear
one or two days before the
coming meeting.

The Jewish Rescuers Citation


One largely downplayed phenomenon of Jewish heroism in the Holocaust is that of Jews who rescued fellow Jews while exposing themselves to greater danger. Recent research shows that the rescue of Jews by Jews was a much  wider phenomenon than was previously known


.In 2011, the Jewish Rescuers Citation was established by the Committee to Recognize the Heroism of Jewish Rescuers in partnership with the B'nai Brith World Center. This effort to rectify the historical record and offer long overdue recognition has led to 330 such heroes being honored at ceremonies in Israel and abroad.



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