A proud history of presidential leadership


John Winter (J.W.) Crowfoot 29/30 (Archeologist)

Leut.-Col. Dr. J.C. Strathearn, O.B.E.  30/31 (Ophthalmologist,
       First Warden of St. John's Ophthalmologic Hospital)

Dr. H.J Orr-Ewing 31/32 (Head of the British Mission Hospital)

Canon Herbert Danby 32/33 (Anglican Priest, Librarian of St. George's Cathedral,
        President and editor of Palestine Oriental Society)

D.G. Salameh 33/34 Vice Mayor of Jerusalem

Leon Roth (2nd time) 34/35 (Professor of Philosophy, Hebrew University)

Ely Eliot Palmer 35/36 (U.S. Consul General in Jerusalem, Ambassador to Afghanistan)

Bernard Chaikin 36/37 (British born Architect)

Edward Thomas Cosgrove, Esq., Assistance Superintendent of Police  37/39

PDG Lars E. Lind 39/40 (Photographer, American Colony,
       elected first District Governor from Palestine in 1944)

N.A. Stewart 40/41

Alvah L. Miller 41/42  (General Secretary of the Y.M.C.A)

John Henry Iliffe 42/43 (British Archeologist, Curator, Rockefeller Museum)

W.H. Chinn 43/44 (British from Birmingham, served in the Mandate
      Probation Service (Education)

M. Dajani 44/45

I.B. George 45/46

Elie Eliachar 46/47 (Author, Jewish Palestinian relations)

H.W. Barratt 47/48

Mark Jaffee 48/49 (Banker, Chair, Palestine Corporation- later the Union Bank)

Leon Roth 49/50 (Professor of Philosophy, Hebrew University)

Dr. Emanuel Propper 50/51

A. Scott Morrison 51/52

A. Suss 52/53

G. Ilan 53/54

Ronny M. Silver 54/55 (captain and conductor of the Police Band)

S. Kelly 55/56

Zoltan S. Harmat 56/57

Dr. Charles Boasson 57/58 (lawyer, peace research)

Ted Lurie 58/59 (Editor, Jerusalem Post)

Anshel Citron 59/60 (Auditor)

Herbert Minard 60/61 (YMCA Director General)

M. Haft 61/62

Dr. L. Basow 62/63

L.A. Bar Gur 63/64

Ernest H Siedner 64/65

Shabtai A. Petrushka 65/66 (Composer and conductor)

Jacob Daron 66/67 (Ambassador, Foreign Service, formerly Rudberg)

Mordechai Maron (administrative manager, Hadassah- University Hospital) 67/68

PDG Lucien Harris 68/69

Reverend Dr. G.Douglas Young 69/70 (Founder and President,
       Holy Land Bible Institute)

Dr. David Yarom 70/71

Nathan Fischer 71/72

Eleasar L. Weissbrot 72/73

Oded Eliashar 73/74

Joshua Shai 74/75 

Moshe Raz 75/76 (Banker)

Werner Loval 76/77 (Real Estate, Founder of Anglo Saxon Real Estate)

Emanuel Glassman 77/78

Max Wittman 78/79 (Married to Dola Ben-Yehuda, daughter of Eliezer Ben Yehuda;
       Jewish Agency)

Shimon T. Samuels 79/80 (Director, international liason,
       Simon Wiesenthal Centre, based in Paris) 

Dr. Moshe Kelman 80/81 (Health, Dental Service, Ethicist)

Richard Fain 81/82 (Lawyer)

Franklyn Ephraim Landes 82/83

Bill Macafee 83/84 (YMCA Director General)

Yehuda Haber 84/85

Cyril Swiel 85/86

Paul Brown 86/87

Rizek Abusharr 87/88 (YMCA Director General)

Yitzhak M. Rogow 88/89

Yossi Cassuto 89/90 (Insurance)

Shalom Doron 90/91 (Finance, Chair, Bnai Brith)

Ronald Bates 91/92 (Bahá'í Representative)

Avraham Cohen 92/93 (Diplomatic Service - former Ambassador)

Avraham Taubenhouse 93/94

Don Edelstein 94/95 (Education)

Benad Avital 95/96 (Ambassador, Foreign Service)

Ruth G. Harris 96/97 (Health-Occupational Therapist)

Alex Falcon 97/98

PDG Irène Lewitt 98/99 (Photograph archivist, Israel Museum)

Alexandra Darmon 99/00 (Banking)

Dr. Amram Miller 00/01 (Health-Dentistry)

Professor Felix Jaffe 01/02 (Geologist)

David Seligman 02/03 (International Educational Consultant)

Don Shrensky 03/04 (Accountant)

Rafi Aldor 04/05 (Business Administration)

Kern Wisman 05/06 (Bahá'í Representative)

Marilyn Farber 06/07 (Health-Ocular Epidemiologist)

Shlomo Khayat 07/08 (Architect)

Shared Presidency:(Kern Wisman, Ruth Harris, David Seligman) 08/09 

Mark Alan Zober, Ph.D. 09/10 (Public Adminstration:
       Executive Management & Research)

Nikolaus Kircher 10/11 (Secondary Education: School Headmaster)

Elly Kenner 11/12 (Journalist)

Rafi Aldor (2nd time) 12/13 (Business Administration)

Alexandra Darmon (2nd time) 13/14 (Banking)

Nezar Tannous 14/15  (Lawyer)

Yaron Amitai 15/16 (Natural Resources Consultant)

Dan Shanit 16/17 (Social and Medical Entrepeneur)

David Lilienthal 17/18 (Religion)

David Seligman 18/19 (Education/Media Consultant)

Robert Hammer 19/20 (Lawyer)