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Rotary Israel message: 

Google translation of text in letter accompanying the brochure above. Conference language is Hebrew.

Members Rotarians,

I am happy and excited to invite you to "brain healthy", first of its kind in the country of the project "Rotary hyper Life" -
a voluntary association that deals with the quality, longevity and life values, to eradicate Alzheimer's. 

You can listen to the conference lectures related breakthrough healthy mind, updated and innovative research, you will receive practical tools for preservation brain, beneficial nutrition information on the quality of life and so forth important news in the field. 

The conference will square stands will offer healthy food, new books, and a range of health products' patents. Also, stalls tell about the project progress and where we are heading. 

I invite anyone who wants to live a long life alongside qualitative and values, come and take part, enjoy an innovative current information and continue the spheres of influence in the community. 

Rotary members and their families have a participation bonus ticket price of NIS 80 instead of NIS 120 ticket + book "Alzheimer's disease and memory problems" NIS 130 instead of NIS 170 using the code: Rotary 

The conference is held at the center, "Dohl" in Tel Aviv on Friday, 21 December 2018 

For more information and ticketing: 
Or phone: 03-953 3456 

Looking forward to see you, 
Anat Klein 
Chairman of the project "Rotary Hyper Life"