The tradition of Firesides is well established in the JRC. Every year, usually during the winter months, Firesides are arranged in different members’ homes where we are able to enjoy each other’s company, chat about matters Rotary and the world about us as we savour a glass of wine and discover the culinary delights that our hosts have prepared for us. The objective is to get the members to meet each other informally and to become better acquainted as well as to allow new members to be socially involved with the veteran Rotarians. The numbers at each Fireside varies according to the wishes and space available for each host.


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Each year we try to have a few Outings to places of interest usually in Jerusalem and its environs but this does not stop us from going further afield on occasions.  We went to the Israel Museum for a conducted visit by the curator of contemporary art, who happens to be the wife of one our members. We had a guided tour of recent archaeological excavations in Jerusalem that was led by a senior archaeologist from the Israel Antiquities Authority who is the son of another of our members. There was a memorable visit to the National Park at Ashkelon and the Power Station there. These visits are important not only for their interest but also the bonds of fellowship that they engender.



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This year we will be going to Peniel on the Kineret for the 7th time. Peniel is a site owned by the Jerusalem YMCA, just north of Tiberias situated on the shores of the lake. It has hostel-cum-hotel like accommodation and each year a group of members, some with family, spend a few days there in late April. One day is spent on extensive touring of interesting sites and towns in the area where we are guided by our member accredited Tour Guides.
There is also of course a lot of fun with swimming, cocktails each evening, wine with our meals on the magnificent patio overlooking the lake and the Golan, games and a traditional quiz. All in all a most satisfactory way of spending time together.


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These informal activities are considered to be an important part of the life of the club as it involves new and old members and shares the spirit of Rotary with their families.


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