Global Grant Project number GG1416916

Annemas-Genevoise Rotary Club/Hadassah Project



1. The Project

The project was initiated by the Annemasse-Genevoise Rotary Club and the France-Israel ICC with support from additional Rotary Clubs and the French NGO Un Coeur la Paix. It had two components:

(a) To provide life-saving surgery for 14 infants
and children from the West Bank with congenital heart problems at the Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital, Jerusalem. The operations were carried out by Professor J.J. Rein who heads the Pediatric Cardiology surgery team at the hospital.

(b) The initial training proposal was altered due to the difficulty in release of staff from the West Bank hospitals. The final training component included a Pediatric cardio-interventionist for close heart surgery, a Genetic Counsellor and a Medical Technician.


2. Implementation

a) The fourteen children were all successfully operated on and returned to their homes.

b) The training program proceeded as planned with the selected participants all of whom are from the West Bank.

i) Dr. Ibrahim Abuzahira, the pediatric cardio-interventionist, has worked closely with Professor Rein. He also runs a clinic in the Hebron area and also works at a West Bank Hospital. His training at Hadassah will continue after the project has ended. Professor Rein has highly commended him.

ii) Ms. Alaa Basheer Eideh, the Genetic Counsellor, received genetic training under the supervision of Dr. Asaf Ta-Shma. The effects of consanguineous marriages on congenital medical problems were closely studied as these appear to be the source of many of the conditions treated by the pediatric department. Ms. Alaa undertook considerable field work under difficult social and cultural constraints and gathered crucial material. Her work is already pioneering as there appear to be no other Genetic Counsellors on the West Bank. She will continue with her work under the supervision of the Cardio-Genetic Department and plans to continue her studies to higher degrees.

iii) Mr. Moath Mohammad Halahlah, the Medical Technician, was being trained on the sophisticated equipment used to support pediatric cardio-surgery. The reports on his progress were good.
It is unfortunate that he ran into a security problem as he had used his work permit inappropriately and had to return to the West Bank. We have been unable to track information concerning his present activity but it is to be hoped that he is utilizing what he has learnt at one of the West Bank hospitals.


3. Sustainability

a) Under the aegis of Un Coeur pour le Paix the heart operations for the West Bank children will continue. To date they have supported more than 700 operations and their work continues.

b) When the pediatric cardio-interventionist completes his training he will provide specialist services in the West Bank and will have the skills to train additional cardio-interventionist there.

c) The genetic counsellor’s work has proved to be essential for the well-being of public health on the West Bank. M. Alaa will continue her work in the Hebron area but more genetic counsellors are required to meet this essential need to combat the problem of consanguineous marriages.


4. Recommendations

a) As the problems identified under this Global Grant are endemic and the raising of funds are notoriously difficult, the host club, after careful monitoring and discussions with all the stake holders, strongly recommends that where possible the objectives of this GG be supported.

b) With future joint projects in mind that the Jerusalem Rotary Club continues to monitor the work being done at the Hadassah Hospital to further inter-communal relations through their clinical and training programmes with the Israeli-Arab population, the West Bank and Gaza.


5. Thanks


a) We wish to thank Professor Rein and his team for the all the support we received during the implementation of this Global Grant and for the access he allowed us to visit the children in the ward.

b) We would also like to thank Dr. Muriel Haim of Un Coeur pour le Paix for her constant support and advice.

c) We are also grateful for the interaction that we had with the trainees throughout the period. It was important to the relevance of their activities given the stated objectives of the GG document.

6. Financial Report

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P/ David Lilienthal, President JRC

P/P Ruth Harris, Chair, Community Services Committee

P/P David Seligman, Project Implementation


Jerusalem,  2 October 2017