Visit by District Governor Emile al-Asmar (2015-2016)
On Wednesday 9 September, we had the pleasure to host our District Governor, Emile al-Asmar and his charming wife Katerina.
The visit started at the Hadassah Har Hatzofim Hospital where we were met by Professor Wexler of the Paediatric Department who took the group that included Ruth, David L and David S, to the classroom that was established with the help of a Matching Grant project.
The classroom serves the needs of children who have to attend the department for day care treatment on an extended period, and its staff members speak both Hebrew and Arabic, so that children from all the communities of Jerusalem can use the facility. The classroom allows the children to continue with their studies and not to fall behind their classmates. Some schools are linked by two way video that enables some of the children to participate in lessons in real time.
We moved on to the large park in Musrara where East and West Jerusalem abut. Here, to celebrate Rotary’s Centennial Year in 2005 and once again with a Matching Grant, we established a play area with modern equipment and with safety floor covering, for all the children of the area. We were glad to see that the area is well maintained and that the play equipment was all in use and in good condition.

 The DG further stressed the need for the wider involvement of Rotarians and for them to have to have a greater awareness of the scope of activities at the individual, club, district and international levels. 
Emile thanked the club for the warmth of his and his wife’s welcome, for the attractive Brochure, on the club’s history and activities that had been prepared by Shlomo and had been presented to him. He then wished the club all success in its future activities.
To commemorate his visit the District Governor was presented with a certificate for the trees that club had planted in his name in the Paul Harris Peace Forest near Safed (Tsfat).
Report by David Seligman in Club Bulletin of 16 September 2015.
Once back at the YMCA, President Yaron welcomed Emile and gave an overview of the club’s vision for the coming year that encompassed a growth in membership, greater participation in club and district events and a wide range of outings. On to lunch where Emile and Katerina joined in lively conversation with the members present.
After an enthusiastic clang of the Bell and the conclusion of Rotary business, President Yaron introduced District Governor Emile. Emile congratulated the club on maintaining its long tradition of service and its wide range of projects, community service and the active Foundation that awards scholarships to Jerusalem students.