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We believe that the formula "Service Above Self" is one of the most important functions of Rotary.  We support activities in the areas of health, social welfare and education, with emphasis on children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds and those who suffer from disabilities. 


The Community Services Committee is responsible for initiating and implementing the projects of the club. Presently, we are actively involved in a number of Jerusalem based projects.
At the same time we are actively involved in three Global Grant supported projects: Our own Peace Education Initiative;  A  life saving and training initiative to help seriously ill Palestinian children in the Jerusalem Hadassah Hospital; and Rotary Hands Across Waters. 

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Current Local Projects
To read the report from April 2017
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1.  Yad Elie: The main goal of this small foundation (amuta)  
run almost only by volunteers, is to provide school meals for
the poorest children from all communities, Jewish and Arab,  
in Jerusalem.
These children would otherwise have to go hungry. If
children do not get the nourishment they need, they are
also not able to learn and thus later to find good empoyment
and income. 
   The program includes education about nutrition and
health and is geared to care for the psychological and
emotional needs of the weakest children.
   By working with all communites in Jerusalem it also seeks
to promote understanding and a peaceful coexistence
between Arabs and Jews.


For the Yad Elie website, click HERE

For the Yad Elie Facebook page, click HERE

For a report of a short project in the Jerusalem Forest, supported by our club via Yad Elie, click HERE 

For a short film and description of the Jerusalem Forest project, click HERE

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2. The Community Services Committees has adopted a part of a project of modernizing the equipment at the Saint Vincent Home for Severely Disabled Children in Ein Karem in Jerusalem, (
We are getting one - of six needed - feeding machines, for
children who cannot eat in a normal manner.    
This project is an additional step in our ongoing participation
with this extra-ordinary childrens home. See more here, left column no. 2.
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3. The Hassadna Music Conservatory has been doing a magnificent project of teaching talented and gifted handicapped children as well as children from the Ethiopian community - youngsters who would otherwise have no touch with a music education. 
We have started a project of collecting musical instruments of
all sorts for these children. We have appealed to other clubs in
our district to help us in this effort. 
To  read more, click on the top PDF-icon.
To see the current appeal, click the 2nd icon.
To visit the Hassadna website, click here.
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4.  Bottle Project: A smaller project involves collecting bottles that can be returned to the shops, to redeem the deposit paid. These monies are for the Jerusalem Rotary Club Foundation, which provides scholarships for needy high-school students studying high-tech. Since the project began a few months ago
we have enriched the Foundation fund  with the respectable
sum of NIS 5,320. 
For more information about this action,
click on the top PDF-icon above.
About the Scholarship Foundation, click here.
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Proposed Local Projects

Since recently a number of local projects have been completed,
the Community Service Committee is now investigating and considering a few more possible new or renewed projects.


However, until a decision has been taken by the Committee and approved by the Club Board, the Committee will not publicize
the names of the organisations concerned.


Global Grant Projects
  1. Global Grant 1636666: A Peace Education Program
     This project has been successfully completed. It has now
      been adopted by the Board of Education in the Galilee as
      part of its matriculation program in Civics, thus
      guaranteeing the project's sustainability. We regard this
      by itself as a vote of confidence in the program, and as a
      special achievement.
      To read the summary of the project, please click HERE
    The Rotary Foundation has in May 2016 approved our
    Global Grant application for this initiative. It was
    provisionally approved by the Club Board in October 2015.

    The program aims at
      1) educating an Israeli Jewish and Arab youth leadership
          team to lead changes towards the development of a truly
          joint society;
     2) acquiring skills for non-violent conflict management and
     3) inspiring dialogue, tolerance and hope among young

    Read more information, updates and photographs

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    2. Global Grant 1524017, Hands Across the Water,
         now working with the Phase II grant (1640670),
(see the PDF icon below)
This project was in June 2017 awarded a Centennial Note
         Worthy Project Recognition by the Rotary Foundation. 

Read the new  RHAW  report on the Annual Graduation
    Ceremony 2018, click HERE.
    For the international water day report for the water prize,
    click HERE
    This is a long term, country wide project to teach children
    about water economics. The full project is being monitored by
    the Haifa Rotary Club.  

    Our club is supporting the project financially and
    is  involved with five participating Jerusalem schools.

    To read a full report of the project over the last year, to
    gain an impression of the children studying, to see a
    video presentation from the graduation ceremonies,
    please click HERE
    was held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in June 2017.
    This project and the subject of water and sanitation
     played a major role in the program.
    To read  a full report, click on the PDF-icon.  
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    3. Global Grant 1416196. Treatment of congenital
         heart conditions in infants from the West Bank at
         Hadassah Hospital Ein Karem and the training of
         Genetic Counsellors for the West Bank.

    The project was initiated by the Annemasse Rotary Club,
    France, in conjunction with Un Coeur pour le Paix. We were
    hosting and monitoring the project. Fourteen West Bank
    children have been successfully operated on and the training
    program has been completed. Please read the Final Report of
    the project, which also contains a Financial Report and
    recommendations to further the work towards the objectives
    of this GG project.

    To read the Final Report, click HERE
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