Community Service Committee 

REPORT April 2017

Your Community Services Committee meets once a month to review and check on the progress of our  club's projects. This year is and has been a busy one.


We are almost completing the Global Grant project with the Annemasse- Genovise Rotary Club in France.
We have been monitoring. the life-saving surgeries of ten children from the West Bank at Hadassah Hospital as well as the training of a Palestinian pediatric heart surgeon and a young Palestinian  woman who has been trained as a genetic counselor.
Michelle Benveniste, who was President of the French Rotary club when the project was initiated several years ago will be in Jerusalem in May and will visit us and attend one of our meetings.

Dan Shanit's Peace Education Initiative is working well as the students in the Arab and Jewish schools are getting into the meat of the program. 

We have given NIS 5000. to the Beth David Institute to help support  the treatment of four young Arab children who are students at the School for the Deaf  in Jerusalem. In the past we have provided this school with a special vibrating floor for its music room as well as many musical instruments. These children have now been diagnosed as having Usher's Syndrome. This means that in addition to being deaf, they will gradually lose their eye-sight as well. The money will go towards a special mentor who is both blind and deaf herself. She is working with the children to help them adjust to and cope with their disabilities so that they can be as independent as possible.

We are still trying to collect and/or buy musical instruments for the Hasadna Conservatory of Music in Jerusalem. On March 23 some of the committee attended a concert of senior students of the school which was quite memorable. We have been promised  but have not yet received two guitars which we will turn over to the school. Please keep your ears open for second-hand but good instruments. The school can use them for its special programs for disabled students and children of  Ethiopian descent whose parents cannot afford a musical education for their talented young ones.


We are continuing to work with Shutaf, an organization that provides after-school and holiday camps for handicapped children for whom there are no such activities. Currently they are thinking of creating video clips and an on-line handbook that others in the field can use. This possible project will be discussed at the next meeting of the committee.


We have given NIS 5000 to Yad Elie, an organization that provides meals for school children whose parents cannot afford to pay for them. We have directed  our support to another project of Yad Elie in the Jerusalem Forest where Arab and Jewish children are learning to plant and harvest fruit trees and vegetables which are then given to the schools to use in providing and teaching about healthy meals.

At its next meeting, the committee will explore the subject of climate change and hopefully will come up with some thoughts and  ideas as to how we in this club can address this issue.

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth Harris, Chairman

Jerusalem,  27 April 2017